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Sunday, May. 18, 2014 - 12:08 p.m.

Have been having my entrepreneurial fantasies again, this time about fudge. I predict that fudge could be poised for a comeback, ready for updating. I could be to fudge what Vosges is to chocolate. Or what they were a few years ago, anyway. So many flavors, because you can infuse the milk or the sugar or the butter, or just stir stuff in. I made a batch of chai fudge and it was really good! I have the ability to rock it.

The problem is that fudge is associated with tourist traps or Xmas (all the more reason why it's poised to become hip, like donuts), and when you go to a farmers market (where I imagine selling these, because of the herbal notes), everyone is thinking about broccoli and tomatoes, not a lump of sugar. It would have to be an impulse purchase...or gift. And somewhere people are feeling indulgent. Doled out in very small pieces, not gigantic slabs.

I found a place online that does some fun, fancy flavors, and they had the idea of offering wedding favors. That's more like it! But then I thought about dealing with mothers of brides and that pretty much turned me off the whole thing.

I make so many yummy things, and can't figure out how to make a profit on them. I just want like a back alley stand, where I cook up concoctions in the casita kitchen and sell them out the back door. There would be a bell to ring for service, and all advertising would be by word of mouth. No honor box, though, because thieves prowl the alley. There would be pie, fudge, jam, and sometimes popsicles. It would be like an illicit bake sale all the time.

I am so full of shit.

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