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Language Log

Monday, Jul. 14, 2014 - 12:58 p.m.

Q and J on their way to the northeast. Just last night I was really looking forward to not having to wrangle Q for a while. She can really be a pain in the ass these days. She never takes no for an answer, so I end up doing things like physically blockading the bedroom door so J can get some sleep, or physically blockading the refrigerator because it really isn't snack time, or throwing a parent tantrum because she once again outright refuses to help clean up a mess she made. You get the picture. She really delights in testing our limits and her abilities these days. Nothing is out of reach, and she seldom just cooperates. And she still is a little light in compassion, consideration, and kindness. It is exhausting.

But the moment I left them at the airport, I began missing her acutely. There really is no return from this absurd state of being.

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