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Language Log

Monday, Aug. 04, 2014 - 6:15 p.m.

They took him off life support today, and he passed away not long after. Glad it was quick. His stupid girlfriend wanted to keep him alive and unconscious on life support so she could still be with him. She's having a hard time, I should be more sympathetic, but I'm not. It's selfish. Everything she wanted was selfish and shortsighted. Anyway, he's gone now and I hope she figures out how to deal.

Mom seems to be as ok as you can expect. She's a pragmatic person. I know she didn't want to outlive her son, though.

A FB friend of mine posted a long note about his own year sober-- I didn't know he was an alcoholic, but I don't know him well at all. Anyway, he's very thoughtful and it was very interesting. He disagreed with the trope that he was not himself when drinking. He said he was exactly himself, completely unfiltered and amplified. I can only hope that wasn't true of my brother. I fear it was.

Well, anyhow. The end.

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