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Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014 - 2:09 p.m.

Yep, feeling ready to go home again. Time at the inlaws has been dandy-- kids play in pool every day, and I get naps. We even got a child-free date night last night. But, I am slowly being driven crazy by their concern over our various parenting choices.

1. Sleep and U. They are so worried on my behalf that they are making all kinds of obvious suggestions. Over and over again.

2. Q's hair. Our policy has been that hair brushing is required in order to leave house. Mainly as part of habit building. But we've been doing it for 2 years now and it has not become her habit, it has become a daily fight where I chase her around the house begging her to sit still. It's a huge time suck. Sometimes I lose my temper. She always says it hurts, no matter how gentle I try to be. Daily fights over appearance are not the habit I was looking to instill. I will keep offering, but from now on, no means no.

This is gonna drive all the grandparents batshit insane, and I am immature enough to relish that. Bonus!

3. There was also a bit of a debate over 'obedience', and that I said I do not find obedience to be a desirable property in either a child or an adult. I think that conversation went ok, but I got a bit amped up during it.

4. Q is still kinda weird. She has some unusual reactions. They are concerned.

And, not something that has come up, but has been on my mind: Since they still don't know about our homeschool plan, I had been not engaging with my hs community on FB, since you know how FB works. I am stopping that, gradually. I will 'like' and comment on posts by groups with 'homeschool' in the title. I will 'like' articles about hs'ing. I may even join my local group's FB group (when I get home from this trip). Let them notice. They can take some time to digest it (maybe even read the article or whatnot), and ask about it. May not be a bad way to go. I am tired of being in the closet!

And honestly, Q has enough quirks that would make school really hard for her, I know they're starting to worry "what happens when she's at school and freaks when someone claps? Or if she won't use the bathroom? Or if they sing happy birthday?! Oh god, we gotta 'fix' her by next September!". Maybe they'll even feel good about it.

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