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Language Log

Tuesday, Sept. 02, 2014 - 5:13 p.m.

My mom is back in town. I'd have her over now to play with U while I make dinner, but honestly, it's not much easier when she's here because she talks constantly and expects my full attention-- no multitasking!-- the whole time. No matter what else is going on or what I am doing. I can't handle that every day.

I told her about the homeschooling too, because she asked point blank whether Q would be enrolled in school next year. I think she had even talking to J's mom or something, because it was like she was just seeing if I would tell her. She just said "mm-hmm" in this totally unsurprised tone and then nothing else at all. No "oh! Why?!" or "I thought you'd be looking forward to time to yourself" or "I think that might be a good idea" or "what about socialization?!" Or anything.

She constantly makes cracks about a) how messy our house is and b) how many toys out kids have.

She even had the gall to look at the results of our recent Costco run and say "you don't know how lucky you are to be able to buy all this fruit." Really, mom? You don't remember when I was evicted twice in my early 20s and was scraping by on lawn jobs and living out of a hotel? I have visited impoverished developing countries, and I have listened to your stories about the Depression all my life. I am perfectly aware of how lucky I am. Thank you for being patronizing and envious at the same time, though!

Also, I don't think she's very happy about the new baby. She told me one time she thought 2 kids was enough for us. She took a good 45 minutes to say anything about it to me at all after J and Q picked her up and told her the news, and later reported that my uncle was very happy about it "which was not the reaction [she] was expecting". (Because she can easily imagine another reaction, perhaps?)

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Really.

My glitter hammer turned out awesome, btw. Will post pics on FB when I get a chance to take some. Oh, and she watched Ellen with Q the other day when Q was over there for the afternoon. I mean, better than The Biggest Loser, but still.

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