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Language Log

Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 - 3:37 p.m.

My mom. AGAIN.

She told me last night that "it looks like Pauline is coming for Christmas". My brother's girlfriend. And of course mom expects that she will be welcome in our home...on Xmas day. Um, no.

I already got most of the ranting out of my system, but really, what is it going to take for her to realize that this "let anyone in any time" thing she does is in fact pathology? And my not wanting to let her involve my family in it is not me being a big meanie, but me being a normal person?

Yesterday she complained at length about how a couple of her neighbors came to her door, and basically took up her whole day. Yet I have seen her in action-- the people come by for one damn thing and she can't let them go without inviting them in for tea. STOP INVITING EVERYONE IN FOR TEA IF YOU DONT WANT TO HAVE TEA WITH THEM.

Holy hell.

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