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Language Log

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 - 9:14 p.m.

First, the complaining: I don't like everyone telling me how tired I look all the time. Yes, I'm tired. So what? Shut up about it. I feel fine, if you want to help, come pick up some crap off the floor for me.

We went to dinner and when we got back the bucket of Halloween goodies was basically empty. My mom was all, "tsk! Someone emptied the whole thing out! Isn't that terrible?!" But honestly, I do t give a fuck.

Then she took the moment she was alone with me to tell me that she thinks she weighs a lot.

And every time I see her she makes some comment about my pregnancy. My appearance, how difficult I have it. I really just want her to shut up.


Halloween was good. Q got into the trick or treating spirit fully, much better than last year. AND she finally used a public toilet! I had to hold the door open the whole time (luckily it was a situation that allowed for that). Progress!

U, also very game for trick or treating.

Performed field surgery on the squash to remove borers AGAIN. There are a few squash forming now...I feel they are probably doomed, but am doing my best for them.

Which reminds me, I left the hose on out there. For the last 4 hours. Excuse me.

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