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Monday, Nov. 10, 2014 - 7:05 a.m.

Thinking again of starting the childrens clothing business (etsy) where I carve stamps of things and stamp clothing. I already have the helicopters and submarine designs. Just made the fighter jet Q has been asking for for ages now. Hope to print one today. MIL sent about a cubic yard of clothing for each of them-- now that m likes pink, there was WAY TOO MUCH pink in the batch. Q asked, where are the fighter jets? Oddly enough, not a jet in the whole batch so I told her about the print we could make and found a nice plain shirt that just happened to be pale pink with ruffled sleeves, and she was most enthusiastic about putting a fighter jet on it. "Let's do it right now!" So that is how we will fix the clothing.

And I mentioned to U that I would make him a blender shirt and same thing: "Where the blender shirt? I want blender shirt."

So, I have some plans. Trying to figure out how much of what sorts of shirts/dresses I should buy first to get it going.

Also had to let the kids use my linoleum carving tool on some scrap rubber. Hey, if there's an interest, I let them try it. Under close supervision. Only one injury, so not bad for the first time.

Got my pie list going for T-day. 11 pies this year. Need to start making crusts.

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