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Language Log

Friday, Dec. 19, 2014 - 8:12 a.m.

The younger linguafrancas have been full of holiday spirit, except for the "think of gifts for others" bit-- full into Xmas music, and lots of driving around looking at lights. Q even helped with the Hanukkah lights the other night, though she still hides in her room when the prayer is sung. I can only imagine what life would be like if we were a church-going family. Atheism ftw.

In laws will be sweeping into town in a couple days. This year has seen the usual, familiar frustrations regarding the gift-buying process. The notable moment this year was when MIL asked us if we "had anything we wanted to adds the stockings". Because, you know, who knows if we would have bought anything for our children. And indeed, the question is what is left to buy for our children when they are out there getting every damn thing they might even remotely enjoy, without bothering to ask us if perhaps we had already been considering it.

J had asked if there was any way I could consider having them stay ALL THROUGH JANUARY AND FEBRUARY until after the baby is born, so he can get some work done before he sinks into another year of child-induced professional stagnation. "No" was the short answer. I can only take so much leadership and loving kindness before I snap. And it is important that I not snap.

Made marshmallows yesterday. Golly, it is fun to make marshmallows! Another business I wish I could do, if making marshmallows and running a business the way I do were the least bit conducive to success.

Speaking of my badly-run businesses, gonna get another batch of kid shirts up on Etsy soon. I knew it would be difficult to find time to work on this, but I did honestly think I'd get more than 3 hours every two months. Ah, well.

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