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Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015 - 8:43 a.m.

Q's birthday party today. So much left to do: make hand pies, make stickers for favor bags, banner, assorted other foodstuff preparation. Party is at 2:30. And here I am at 9am, immobilized by a very small boy who has gone back to sleep in my lap. Nope, not moving. I don't think anyone will really miss te hand pies, if it comes down to it.

I talk a tough line about birthday parties-- how little kids at a playground can entertain themselves and how games and entertainment are not necessary or even missed by anyone other than the adults. Even favor bags, I don't remember doing that when I was a kid and never missed it a lick. But every year I still feel nervous that I am throwing a crappy party. Or especially now that we have a few more kids coming-- what if Q won't play with them? Shouldn't I give them something else to do?

No. It is at _a playground_. They will figure out something to do.

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