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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 23, 2015 - 6:18 p.m.

Q loved the class-- it was not free play at all and I was a bit surprised she managed to handle being in that little room for 3 hours with only one brief break. But she did! And said she likes it...will be interested to see if the novelty wears off. Making young children stay in one room listening and following instructions for 3 hours seems pretty brutal to me. I really can't imagine sending children to full day, academics oriented preschool, or even kindergarten in only a few months. Seems inhumane. And I feel a bit like I am betraying my principles by bringing her to an adult-led class. Ah, well.

U did not enjoy the nursery. No activities for them there, just some toys. I didn't really hit it off with the other parents either, but I suppose that isn't surprising.

In other news, this new baby is breech too, like Q was. Gonna wait a week and change till the next appointment and then figure out what to do if he remains that way. Didn't really want another c-section. Blargh.

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