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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 - 11:38 a.m.

Another day of the class for Q. I left U with my mom and filled in in a couple of the other classes. I know now why I am not so comfortable there: so many Mormons. There was one girl-- 10 or 11? who was so Jesusy it was sad. She brought up Jesus at least 3 times during the creative writing class. this is why people are afraid of homeschool, right? Oh, no, wait. Lots of people raise kids like that. Poor dear.

Anyway, one of the classes I was substitute co-teaching for was "social skills". Yeah. I was a HUGE help.

Q's class went very well until the end when there was a birthday song incident and she totally freaked her shit. I hadn't had a chance to warn them yet.

She actually cut a whole straight line in class, and at home again today. Previously she just cut single snips all around the edge of a paper.

So I return to my worry-- everyone has talked school up to her, she is enjoying the class, which she thinks of as school...my god, what if she doesn't _want_ to hs? At this age where she doesn't really know what real school is like? I had this vision of enrolling her in first grade and some bullies catching on to her birthday song aversion and singing it to her randomly just to watch her crumple on the floor in agony. Because someone would figure that out. Plus there's the whole self-directed learning thing that I believe in. I have tried explaining homeschool to her, and some of the ways I think it is better than regular school, but she doesn't really get it at this point. And my mom won't let up on the "when she goes to school..." crap.

Have tried to bring this up with other hs'ers and they all look at me like like I'm nuts.

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