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Language Log

Saturday, Feb. 07, 2015 - 9:15 a.m.

Well, the attempt to turn him didn't work, just left me feeling a bit bruised in the midsection and with a sore spot where the epidural was. Oh, and nightmares from having two people applying their full strength to rearranging the contents of my abdomen. No, not really nightmares, but seriously, it sucked. I found myself wondering if the c-section was really that bad an option.

But anyway, it didn't work and now I wait-- either to go in labor and have a cesarean, or for the breech delivery doctor to come back from vacation in a week and tell me the baby is too big, time for a cesarean. If by chance he doesn't think so, I may have a go at breech delivery, but I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about that eventuality.

Other than that, what? The in laws are back, doing their thing with equal parts helpfulness and irksomeness. No, not equal parts. Helpfulness is in greater supply, honestly.

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