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Wednesday, Mar. 04, 2015 - 1:58 p.m.

This little guy! 2 weeks old now and so chill. So cute. I am telling you, it's a good thing the decision to have the tubal was made before giving birth, before all the new mother hormones kicked in and the discomfort of late pregnancy was forgotten, because even at age 41 my answer would have changed to NO MUST HAVE MORE SNUGGLY BABIES THIS CANNOT BE THE LAST. And dude, that is insane.

Anyway, he is so chill. He actually lays there, awake and happy and looking around. Unlike his big sister who demanded to be held in a standing position at all times. And he likes driving in the car! Unlike his brother, who howled if in car seat more than about 10 minutes. Love this guy. Grateful. Can't wait to see who he will be.

Have plummeted back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 20 lbs, 2 weeks. Always amazing. Now my maternity pants are falling off of me, but my incision is still too uncomfortable for regular pants. Plus I only had a couple pairs of regular pants that fit me, because immediate pre-pregnancy weight was still 20 lbs over my lowest weight when I bought all the new pants. So I guess I'll stay in my pajamas for a while longer?

Q has entered Princess mode, I'm sorry to say. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT FOR LETTING HER WATCH A CLIP FROM FROZEN, J. I am trying to take it in stride, but it chafes me so.

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