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Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015 - 9:14 a.m.

Baby getting bigger.
Q lost a top tooth last night. She kept wiggling it until it was turned sideways and then coming to me to turn it back straight. Eventually it had enough of this treatment.

The homeschool group is doing a meal train for us-- but the organizer's kids got sick and frankly I'm not quite sure what is going on or how to straighten it out without being rude. No telling me beforehand whether to expect dinner or not? Not all that helpful, really. But it's the thought that counts.

Planting the garden. We have green peas going and U loves eating them straight off the plant. We planted an assortment of beans, of which only one set has started coming up. The tepary beans, I think? And in the front, an assortment of squash. Birdhouse gourd, the Hubbards, rampicante, and...something else. Loofah. Only a few have come up, and I didn't mark them at all...because I wanted it to be a surprise. That was perhaps a bad plan. Will I be able to tell them apart? Birdhouse gourd vs. rampicante? And my compost has offered volunteer tomatoes of some sort and a sunflower.

The neighbor cat keeps pooping in my garden. not sure how to stop it.

Got rid of some excess things and am starting to plot outdoor space again. I have this dream that the various spaces we have outside should all be pleasant and beautiful. So there's an area outside the kitchen which is mostly paved, and houses our grill and a bike storage shed, the compost bins, and a little path to the carport. The soil is sandy and gravel-covered. I planted some thyme there and moved a small patio furniture set there. What else? I envision plants in bright pots. Not sure what else I can do for it.

Got a pair of Xero minimalist sandals. Very excited. They are marketed to runners but I don't know why. Why should runners be the only ones interested in foot health? They feel good. and relatively cheap, too.

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