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Language Log

Friday, Apr. 10, 2015 - 11:40 a.m.

U has had about 4 bouts of unreasonable upset already today. One because I insisted we couldn't make popsicles without freezing them. "NOT FROZEN" he bellowhined over and over. Also, he always wants to take them out of the zoku after only 3 minutes. I explain to him that the stick would come out and the yummy part would remain in the machine until it thawed and then it would take another full day to refreeze it. He is unmoved by this. "NO THEY'RE READY NOW" he says.

That was just one episode. Others involved whether I would
put frozen bananas and tangerines in his smoothie, who would have the honor of washing his hands, and whether macaroni was actually pasta or not.

It isn't easy being two.

I have this thing on my foot where there was a thorn, and it formed a callus over it (fine) and then a part of it started poking out and bleeding. It has been doing so for a week now. So now I have to find a doctor. My appt is May 21 and I may not be able to walk by then. Can't go to urgent care because I won't take the baby into urgent care. Yuck.

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