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Language Log

Wednesday, May. 13, 2015 - 12:10 p.m.

Our tidying up is at a standstill. I should start on the books upstairs. I found a whole nother bin of clothes in the casita but I can't look at it until the in laws leave or they'll just fill that whole space with toys.

Q wants to be in the Girl Scouts because of an episode of Sophia the First where she's in a scout-like group and stuff happens. So I've signed her up for a summer program for people her age. There will probably be singing and I emailed the person in charge to say basically hey, my kid needs to leave the room when you sing or she will freak her shit. Let's see how that goes over. I used the term "sensory sensitivities" because it sounds like more of a
Thing than "eccentricities". "She has some eccentricities". "Emergent group unison behaviors alarm her."

Recently a happy birthday broke out at a restaurant and she didn't even notice! But at the fair we were near the bungee jump and the crowd started clapping and cheering for their friend and she started
singing Let It Go really loud and I had to whisk her away
to safety. Her strategy is to try to drown people out and if it goes on and they don't stop, she freaks. But she doesn't seem aware of it enough in advance to tell me. Suddenly she's just in this irrational brain space.

Meanwhile, U is full of Two.

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