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Language Log

Saturday, May. 23, 2015 - 9:05 a.m.

This Damn Thing on my foot is still there, getting bigger. The podiatrist is sending me to a dermatologist in hopes that they'll know just what to do. Otherwise he would just have to biopsy it. They may anyway. He said it looked weird. Unspoken subtext is that it may be a bizarre foot cancer. I do not find that as scary as I should. I just would like someone to cut it off and be done with it. My dermatologist appt is Wednesday. I will be limping around like a fool until then. It just hurts more and more.

Q went to a Daisy meeting yesterday. She was so excited! And then she got there and all the other girls just sat there with their mothers and didn't talk or play, and we did canned crafts and recited the Girl Scout pledge thing. She was too surprised to freak out but she was disturbed. The whole way home she plotted ways to get them to not say it next time. This will be the first time this Thing of hers may really interfere with what she wants to do. Of course, I'm not sure she really wants to be a daisy-- she saw an episode of Sophia the First in which she is in a troop and they go hiking and do fun stuff together. Not sit in a room and glue tissue paper into the shape of a flower with their mommies. And she totally fled the room when they did a cheer at the end. Her plan for next time is to bring in art that dazzles them with its amazingness such that they then just do their pledge in sign language. GOOD PLAN.

She also got her first "are you a boy or a girl? Why are you wearing a Dusty shirt if you are a girl?" question, from the one girl she tried to talk to. On the way home she described herself as shy for the first time. I don't like the way this is going, but I have no control over it, unfortunately. She wants so badly to have lots of friends...our one park day is not cutting it. I have no idea how she will make friends once so many of her peers are in school. She has several in the homeschool group, but she wants more than once a week contact. Other kids will be too busy once they're in school. Pretty pitiful. She is so outgoing and open...don't want to see that crushed. Unfortunately those social situations she wants are also the ones that might crush her. No way around that.

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