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Language Log

Wednesday, Jun. 10, 2015 - 9:43 a.m.

The pest guy that came said to put ammonia out to keep the cats away. It is working only a little. But my Bradford watermelons are up! If I can keep cat feces away from them long enough for them to vine, it'll be ok because then the cars won't want to poke around in the greenery.

My volunteer tomatoes turned out to be the grape tomatoes I get at Costco. See, it wasn't wasteful after all when I let them go bad and composted them!

Been watering all my trees more aggressively-- like every three days now-- and it's paying off. They're leafing out and the kumquat and Buddha's hand are flowering. Maybe I'll actually get fruit! Wouldn't that be something?

It rained the other day and it has actually only been in the 90s. Very unusual for June-- last year it was over 100 every day of the month. This is downright tolerable.

Q's swim class starts today. I am nervous because it's always such a crapshoot when trying a new thing with her. She cancelled on a trip to the airport fire station the other day because she was nervous about people in a group listening to the firefighter talk. There will be cheering today but we have a plan to get her out and away first. But we can't tell her about any of it because if she thinks there will be cheering, it's all over. She will refuse to enter the building.

Visited with a friend whose son, though not on The Spectrum, attends a school where lots of kids are. I was telling her about Q's issues, and she said it may benefit us to get a diagnosis because then insurance will pay for services we may decide we need later. We hadn't been to keen on pursuing a diagnosis because labeling may be more harmful than not-- it is what it is-- and we have been progressing apace by just teaching (and learning) coping mechanisms. But sometimes I wonder if it would be helpful.

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