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Language Log

Thursday, Jul. 16, 2015 - 12:35 p.m.

I brought along all these art supplies. I am not going to get to use any art supplies. Who am I kidding?!

Struggling with the knowledge that my upcycled clothing prints are going to be a tough sell. There are so many cheap cheap new goods that are cute enough, and not enough people who care enough about either a) getting things with images that really appeal to their kids or b) the problematic nature of our treatment of clothes as a disposable commodity. My conclusion is that my images have to be _just that awesome_ to make people want them _despite_ their being on used clothes. "Really cute" is not enough.

The part of me that channels the big picture artistic vision knows that there is potential here-- I always see potential, I can't always realize it because I move on too quickly once I am distracted or encounter a difficulty-- but there is potential in utterly remaking clothing. How much do you have to add/ alter a piece for it to be so changed it will lose its stigma?

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