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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 06, 2015 - 12:45 p.m.

My family-related complaints this week:
1. Mil threw out my tahini. I had been eating it on my morning vegetables, and when I went to use it to make a nice sauce for some veg I made for our guests last night, it was GONE. "I saw it sitting out and thought it had been in the way, so I threw it out." Didn't even consider that the reason it was out was because SOMEONE WAS USING IT ALL THE TIME?!? What. Ever.

2. There was one hamburger left last night, a perfectly good cheeseburger, and she threw that out too. My friend had offered to wrap it up but was told no. My friend was like, ohhhkay. I was like, Yeah. I KNOW.

3. Friend's kid asked for a juice box. Friend gave him two and asked him to give it to Mil to put in fridge so it would be cold for their drive home. When the time came, mil hands them a grocery bag full of chilled juice boxes. My eyes got wide. Mil says, "she knows." Friends is like, "that's...a lot of juice." I'm like, I KNOW. Please, grandma, don't consider for a moment that parents might not want their children to know there is a gallon worth of juice boxes in the car that they can whine for for four fucking straight hours. And no, just throwing out perfectly good juice is not really an option for most people. So OMG.

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