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Language Log

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015 - 9:11 p.m.

i don't understand why she seems to just hate me. I love her so much. I thought the little kids were just supposed to love their mothers. I don't mind that she doesn't say it, even as every once in a while she says it to her father and grandparents. I understand she doesn't know how to be polite, so when she told me to go away when I had just shown up to the casita to say hello, I shouldn't take offense. But when she is telling her story, narrating to the air and I stop her to wash her hands and I say, "I love your stories. Will you let me write one down some time?" and she just stops and says "just go away now", my heart breaks. What did I do? Am I so bad? I am not perfect, I lose my temper. But why this? She's only 5. I would steel myself were she 15 but I am not ready for her to hate me.

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