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Language Log

Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015 - 2:53 p.m.

I have birthday money. Trying to decide whether to buy a bunch of little stuff or a big thing. If I like doing cyanotypes and am good at it, I could use a press. Also for the handmade paper I never make I could use a press. But as you can see how badly I need it is very contingent.

I kind of want to do big cyanotypes, and the big press costs more.

I have two ideas: one is just the usual sort of thing, local plants in cyanotype. I haven't seen them in local galleries and it seems like it might sell-- local interest but not too Southwestern if you know what I mean (Cowboys, cactus, sahuaro, kokopelli). I plan to compose them nicely according to principles of ikebana. Secondly, I have all these damn photos of my dad's, all the negatives, too. Wondering if I can render them in cyanotype and then alter them somehow. Add mosaic. Print over. Have to try it and see if any of it catches my fancy. Also, and always, jewelry.

Yeah, I should probably get a press.

I'm hungry. Gonna go eat something now.

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