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Language Log

Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015 - 12:10 p.m.

These kids, dude. The moment U suspects I have something I'd rather do, he's on me like a whelk. Especially on holiday days when people are coming, he just follows me around whining for me
to hold him.

And Q! "Don't do x with that or we'll take it away." Later, she does x. We take the thing away and put it on a shelf. She gets her stool to get it down. We take it and lock it in the bonus room. She gets a chair and gets the key to try to open door, intermittently running around screaming and trying to hit whoever did the taking away. And it goes on forever.

And when we have to do the same thing with U, she follows him around laughing and lecturing him about how he should have done what we said, and also yelling at him to stop crying. EMPATHY, she does not has it.

It is a difficult line for me, when to take things away. I strongly feel that when they are using something dangerously, we take it away. But if you do so indiscriminately, the focus totally goes on how unfair it is and trying to get it back. Just a big fuss with no benefits in terms of long term behavior change. Or even short term behavior change.

Our fucking sink is clogged.

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