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Thursday, Jan. 07, 2016 - 1:29 p.m.

We have gotten to the point in the visit where I am
Nitpicking everything and everything annoys me. Taking the ornaments off the Xmas tree and I am
Annoyed at how many ornaments there are. I am
Annoye at the boxes of Lenox ornaments she buys us every year and we don't like them or use them but we store them because they were expensive and she spent a lot of time picking them out. I am annoyed that she hands her iPhone to Uly all the time and he gets cranky as fuck when you try to take it away. The trouble it causes it vastly outweighed by the trouble it creates. Annoyed that she feeds the kids fake-chocolate covered pretzels for snacks and now they think that's a legit snack as opposed to a crappy treat. Annoyed at every infringement on my autonomy under the guise of help. Annoyed that I say, here's what we are providing at the birthday party and she comes back and says, "what about this, what about that, do you want X,y, z? No, if I had wanted that I would have said so in the first place! See, nitpicky.

And that is but a drop in the bucket. There is also the medical advice and asking us if we have asked our pediatrician about X,y, or z and then having to have a giant discussion about why we didn't. And all the worrying. "She's so fearful!", they fret, utterly missing the irony.

And every time they wear a piece of clothing that they have previously refused to wear, but now will because gammie wants them to...that shit irritates me too. And I take an unbecoming pleasure in telling m she doesn't have to wear her shoes even when gammie is clearly worried that her feet may get cold and wet. I protect my autonomy and that of my children.

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