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Language Log

Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 - 2:51 p.m.

Q's friend next door moved out yesterday. His mom was in rehab, then came back, then moved in with some other guy and now custody is shifting to her and they came and loaded up all the stuff and left yesterday. The dad moved out too. I told them the kid should come visit any time but who knows? I feel really sad about it all. He seemed like a good enough guy, and this has all got to be so hard on the boy. So much change, so little warning, and who knows whether he and his little sister will be safe.

Q doesn't really understand either... She knows he moved, but today was saying she hopes he moved to a bigger house and that she can go and play there. Probably not the case. They are construction workers, cooks, waitresses. She doesn't understand. I tried to explain, but.

Ever since the dad came over to talk about it and take his son away I have felt a permeating sadness that I cannot shake.

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