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Language Log

Friday, Mar. 04, 2016 - 2:56 p.m.

We slept hardly at all last night because U was sick and had a fever and started hallucinating-- medicine or fever, we don't know why. First he was up crying for me in some other part of the house. A little while later he demanded Mommy and jumped away from
Me suspiciously. Finally he noticed that he had "muck" all over him. "It's totally gross! Get it off!". So we had to give him a bath to get the nonexistent muck off of him. And gave him some acetominophen for the fever. He finally went back to sleep but still got up one more time to crawl into bed with us.

Q has decided she doesn't really want to do scouts anymore. At first we weren't sure she was sincere, but J talked to her and she said it wasn't fun because they don't do stuff outside, they just sit there and do what the lady says. Homeschooling: a good influence already.

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