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Language Log

Saturday, Jun. 11, 2016 - 10:53 a.m.

It's taking form, my new dream. Forgive the repetition but as everyone who knows me can attest, when I have an idea I tend to perseverate on the topic and this is my place to do it without annoying everyone in person.

Summary of my current dreams:
I will make paper from local plants and things from my garden. I will do it using harvester water as much as possible (and invest in infrastructure to catch more, eventually). I will recycle that water back into the garden if possible (check with soil scientists at the extension). I will beat the fibers by hand, no blender or Hollander. Also recycled papers for seed paper (thanks Jessie!), but with southwestern wildflowers. I will sell these at the desert museum, Native Seeds SEARCH, botanical gardens, etc.

When I have my own specialized knowledge, I will learn to teach about what I do. I can teach and do workshops through the above places too.

I will make meaningful art. I don't know yet what, but I have faith in my own creativity. I have materials and process-based work, and it's no wonder I can't really predict which way I will go until I get my hands dirty. So I should stop doubting myself and just do it. That is my recipe for personal greatness.

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