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Language Log

Wednesday, Nov. 09, 2016 - 5:05 p.m.

I don't really feel like sharing my feelings on social media where the pro-Trumps will see them and revel in or marvel at my discomfort.

I have been as close to non-verbal as I can manage today. Of course my mother started yammering about how pleased she was that the pot legalization measure failed here. Because sure, making it illegal really stops people from smoking pot. Smh.

Anyway, I have decided to be more involved in the Satanic Temple, as they are saavy as fuck at taking on the religious right. I would like to be more up front about it, too, but it's complicated. But I may find myself sharing more of their posts here and there. I don't know what "become more involved in" means for me as insure as fuck don't want it to mean talking to people.

I would also like to do more to help the local refugee population, make them feel welcome. But again, no talking. So I don't know how that's gonna work.

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