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Language Log

Monday, Nov. 14, 2016 - 10:23 a.m.

Yes, yes I will schedule a check up. I haven't had any more problems but it was weird and disturbing. Perhaps I'll call today. Stay on me though, I'm a slacker.

Did some practice prints on used tees. They look sharp; I think I'm ready. I ordered almost $200 worth of tshirt blanks so I really hope people aren't over the safety pin thing next week. I hope the ACLU agrees to let me fund raise in their name, as I am very concerned about appearing to be trying to take advantage of the symbol for personal profit. Which, if I can't say so in my listings, may appear that way to people who don't know me.

All the shirts I got are in very good condition. I also got myself two pairs of like-new pants for $8. No more mall for me! They have bags of torn and otherwise sub-par clothing for $5 and I am kind of excited to get a bag and set about reforming some of them. It could be awesome. The marketing thing is still a puzzle to me, though-- most people don't want to pay much for used clothing, if they buy it at all. It will have to be pretty snazzy.

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