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Language Log

Monday, Jan. 16, 2017 - 3:57 p.m.

I mentioned to Q about the autism today. We have have her signed up for a social thinking class that starts tomorrow and so as I was reminding her about it I explained that it is at the Alliance for Autism place, that she has an autistic brain and part of what that means is she sometimes needs a little help understanding what other people (people with allistic brains) are thinking and why certain things are so important to them. I said I have an autistic brain too, but anyway that's why I want her to go to the class even though we didn't ask her if she wanted to or not. She didn't say anything, in that way she has where Not Saying Anything means something. I got a little vibe of "Ah hah! So that's what it is!"-- intensely interested but not asking any questions. Yet. Still hoping she doesn't mention it to the grandparents, but it felt like it was a good time to mention it to her. Poking around a little on FB and was interested to discover a number of Satanic Temples and similar pages from African countries. The one in Uganda seemed legit TST. The others were less so, and all I could think was, damn, good dissertation topic! For someone else.

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