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Language Log

Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 - 9:12 p.m.

Today is E's birthday. 2! Not a baby anymore. We have been saying that and Q said, "He still seems an awfully lot like a baby." I suppose she was expecting an overnight transformation.

Things he always says: "Right 'dere." "FAST! Like dis."
Also he is very worried about being bitten by a dog. Or cat. "Puppy dog bite me!"

U is into numbers. I'm not quite sure what his angle is; he has this book about factor trees where each number has a monster to illustrate it. The prime numbers are basic and the composite numbers' monsters are composite of the prime numbers (of course). So he knows all the prime numbers under 100. But he just asks us funny math questions all day: "what's two times nine...hundred hundred...and ninety thousand? What's 9 times ninety-nine? How do you spell ninety-nine hundred?" And he doesn't really want the answers. He just wants to ask the questions over and over. He doesn't necessarily know how to do much math beyond basic addition, some multiplication combos memorized. But he does spend a good chunk of his screen time playing with the calculator app. So.

Q having a hard time getting ready for anything that we have to leave for in the morning. We drop some truth on her, like "if we don't leave now you will miss swim class; you need to get dressed. Can we help you?" and she yells at us to stop hurrying her. It has happened two times this week. Last time she ended up without dry clothes after swim; curious as to whether it will affect her choices next week.

Finding teaching the printmaking surprisingly good. I can't say "enjoyable", but I will say I feel like I spend the hour doing what I do and not having to put on much of a show while I do it; hands on and in flow. Very tactile and concrete. I show them what to do. If they have a question, I answer it. I think before, in academia, it was hard for me to not just tell answers. I couldn't get into their brains and lead them where they were supposed to go. Or I could say the thing but they didn't necessarily follow. It was horrible, socially. This is much more: put this here. ok do another. Maybe more ink. There you go! Awesome! And honestly I do go into weird Aspie mode, but it doesn't really matter, I just geek out with the printing and no one cares.

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