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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2017 - 1:48 p.m.

Lunch: typical.
At their favorite soup/salad bar buffet.
1. Busy lunchtime, seat yourself not available. They seated us at a booth. Both kids freak out.
2. U more or less immediately accidentally knocks over all four water glasses.
3. U freaks out because the server helps us clean it up.
4. Q desperately unhappy about the first 3 seating configurations at table.
5. E eats some of U's carrots. U very upset and wants him to give them back.
6. We eat.
7. E knocks over another glass of water.
8. U spills some of his soup on way back to table; blames me.
9. E immediately knocks over plate of mac and cheese I brought him, on seat and on floor under table.
10. Q needs to use bathroom but won't because there are other people in it.
11. Ice cream time! E presses bowl of ice cream to his chest.
12. On the way home Q realizes she left a muffin at the table, demands we return and get it. (Actually I gave it to U, but I don't mention that to anyone.)

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