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Language Log

Friday, Mar. 31, 2017 - 8:18 a.m.

Wednesday J and the 2 big kids left for Memphis until Monday. I was like, "yay, I'll get so much done!". I didn't count on being utterly overwhelmed by their absence as if by grief. It only lasted about 3 hours, though. Then yesterday was the coop class, had to spend all day with my mom which was stressful even though she didn't really do anything wrong. Today I am supposed to help her car shop. Whee.

But I did accomplish:
1. Took E to the baby gym, where he was initially underwhelmed but eventually enjoyed it.
2. Went to Whole Foods, to buy bubble soap. Also a mango.
3. Went to Target, where we bought kitty litter. None of this should be exciting, but it is because I never get to go to a store for just one thing with only one reasonably compliant child with me.
4. Went for a little walk last night and dropped off some books at the little free library. Scored a copy of "The Chocolate Touch", which I think Q will enjoy.
5. Have eaten things I would not normally get to eat: lentil soup with brown butter for supper. Cantaloupe. Breakfast off schedule.

So it is going pretty well, even if the house has basically failed to clean itself in the absence of the messiest children. I have been picking things up and they remain up, so that's something. Beginning to understand why children's books depicting evening routines include a "everyone pick things up" phase.

Today: cleaning. Clearing out some toys. Dropping off stuff to the thrift store. Going for a walk. Car shopping with mom (ugh). Then what? Library? Macy's to buy new underwear with that gift card I have? Plant nursery?

It is cool and cloudy today-- only a few days left of pleasant weather, and then the spike into the 90s they have predicted for next week will signal the end of carefree outside living during daylight hours.

I prepped some cyanotype paper for the class next week which I'll be missing. Had extra solution and so dumped it on a piece of plain fabric I had. A good square yard, I think. What to do with it? Too thin for patches, really. May do canning jars and small spoons and canning jar bands. Then embroider over it? Can I manage not to overexpose the jars and basically waste the whole shebang? I don't have any extra to practice with.

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