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Sunday, Apr. 16, 2017 - 2:55 p.m.

I have been out of printmaking mode and in mending mode. I started a kantha-style blanket for Uly. I made a vow that in my blanket-making I will use only used-up clothing-- no new fabric. The only thing I will use new fabric for is patches, sometimes, if I already have the fabric (scraps people give me). I will probably not buy any for that purpose anymore.

Well, if I mend and and won't make a blanket until it is not worth mending, and give to charity any that is still wearable, that really only leaves cloth that is stained in places and the wrong size. So I have already run out of cloth in the right colors for the blanket. Thrift! It is biting me already.

I did a nice running-stitched patch from recycled tshirts on my project pants and it is soft and pleasing.

Someone gave me a couple bags full of old clothes and fabric scraps. Some are mendable. Trying to decide if I should attempt to mend/print and sell, or just use for fabric. If it's mended vintage there's some potential, but not sure about mended secondhand-but-not-so-special.

Have been reading a dissertation about forgiveness, to figure out what I don't understand about the practice. So far I have narrowed it down to the practice of elective forgiveness. If there's a sincere apology, I do it faithfully. But there's a lot of talking up of forgiving people who haven't even admitted wrongdoing much less offered sincere apology. I don't really understand how or why you would do that.

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