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Language Log

Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017 - 3:07 p.m.

J is off on another trip-- this time a wedding I am relieved not to have to try to attend-- but geez. It is hard taking care of all these kids solo. No buffer at all. No down time.

Did gelatin plate printing in the co-op class this week. It was fun. It strikes me as a medium whose artistic potential has only started to be explored. Maybe a bit underrated as yet because it is of recent vintage and primarily associated with stampers/scrapbookers/ domestic women's hobby work, not "fine art" nor "fine craft". I don't even know if there are even any contenders, artists working with it professionally as their primary medium. I am not sure how satisfying I find it yet. There's something about the slow work and precision of lino that I find fundamentally rewarding. The meditative potential.

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