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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 30, 2017 - 4:39 p.m.

We have implemented new food structure in the house to cut down on endless eating and demanding of seconds and thirds and snacks. It is going pretty well. I myself have switched my reliable breakfast (fruit and roasted oats/nuts) to become lunch and have made my breakfast be vegetables again. I think it's working out. In a week we have to go to CA for my brother in law's wedding and it will all go to hell then, I expect. Everyone is looking forward to wedding and I am filled with dread, multi-dimensional dread extending from the cat sitter having to observe our squalor if I don't get it cleaned up by then, to all our food progress going to hell as the grandparents stuff the children full of processed sweets and cheese and crackers on demand, to all my plants dying at home, to the specter of major uncontrollable meltdowns at the wedding.

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