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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 11, 2017 - 12:18 p.m.

The wedding came off ok. Q and U opted not to participate in the procession at all, but nobody pressured them about it. E was adorable with the flower petals (he kept picking them up when they fell). There was a lot of herding and checking on them and some minor shushing and letting them do whatever the hell they wanted as long as they were quiet, and it exhausted me, but they really were on their best behavior (relative to them. They were never gonna sit quietly on a bench through the ceremony, you know). Everyone seemed to appreciate my efforts, which was nice too. The kids refused to take part in formal pictures, but basically no one tried to compel them to, so it was ok. I got some good candids.

Then the dinner went well, too. Q was able to get up and go to the adjacent terrace when the toasts happened, and she was spinning and dancing like mad so I could tell she was managing some stress-- but she _was_ managing it. There was this cute little funicular rail car at the restaurant to transport people up and down the hill and we spent a lot of the dinner watching it or going up and down it. Also not relaxing, but fine.

Really the worst part was when we were saying our ritual farewells and the bride's dad was all weird with me. He kept hold of my hand/arm and kept pressing it to his abdomen as he was talking to me. I was like, yeah yeah great it's great good thanks LET ME GO. Really weird. I look forward to seeing them again slightly less now.

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