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Language Log

Monday, Jul. 10, 2017 - 1:45 p.m.

Making due progress on the lettering. Turns out it's complicated and a difficult skill to master. I knew that already. But my goodness, it is satisfying to sit down and focus on mastering a skill.

Have been thinking ahead about where I want to go with this. I know it seems like my usual creative flightiness, but I must remind you all that this became an interest of mine when I was 13, and I did some very good work in my late teens/early 20s, basically until I got distracted by college. So this is a return. When my letters are better I will be able to use them in my printmaking with greater confidence.

I expressed to J my aspiration of being the calligrapher of TST. He sort of laughed. I'm not really sure why. At the idea that they would have any use for one? At the idea that I could be it? At the idea that this is a worthy goal for me? At the ridiculous intersection of my current obsessions? All of the above? Is the TST thing a midlife crisis or just another aspie obsession? Or just the amusing situation of an atheist having found religion in the form of atheistic Satanists?

Guys. Their activism. SO GOOD. I want in on that.

I feel like I have been one of them all my life, only I didn't know it (because they didn't exist). (I did read the Satanic Bible back in the day but LaVey was too gender essentialist and mystical for me). So this feels like a return to my truest self. I don't plan to start sporting goth fashion or getting Baphomet tattoos, but still. Awesome calligraphy for the cause seems like a fine goal. Especially since I generally lack real goals. "Make some money" is great but since I'm not really doing the best job at that I may as well follow my muse. It also gives me a body of texts to work with. THAT would be helpful.

I dunno. I guess I don't need to share every damn idea in my head. I just like to when I'm excited about something.

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