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Language Log

Saturday, Sept. 09, 2017 - 8:35 a.m.

And now of course my brain is all, "Books! Can I sell them? How can I sell them? How about paste paper? What can I make from paste paper that I could sell at art fairs?" and I'm like, "Brain, NO. Books do not sell. At most books sell teaching services, and you do not offer teaching services." Brain won't listen. I'm trying to get it to focus on the next awesome book instead.

Someone at least looked at my little book I left at the free library, but it remained there. I am still going to go forward within my plan, as time allows, but it has me thinking about what will count as success in this little experiment. If it were to disappear, I don't really know where it went. Maybe the library steward will have disposed of it. And if it is left there, again, who knows? Maybe people will look at it, read it, smile, and put it back for someone else to enjoy. My worst case scenario is that no one looks at it really, those who do will wonder what it's for and why anyone would waste their time doing such a thing. Eventually it gets tossed. Best case scenario, I somehow end up being interviewed by Terry Gross about it. :) Really I will have no way to tell, either way. So this makes it an experiment with my own attitude about art and this brain I was talking about up top, who always needs positive feedback to keep going, even when I know that the quality and my enjoyment of my work is reduced when extrinsic rewards enter the picture.

The satisfaction of making that snowflake book was delicious. Why is that not enough for my brain? Brain can still work on one of its other ideas for making money. Don't ruin this one, brain!

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