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Language Log

Friday, Sept. 15, 2017 - 8:07 a.m.

We got to co-op 5 minutes late (as we have many times before) and went in to our classes and Q became increasingly distraught. I was trying to help my class through our project while seeing if I could help her, follow her when she stormed out, and tried to encourage her not to be so loud. She was upset ("scared") because we were late and she missed the beginning of the class. She wanted them to totally start over. One teacher actually offered to do it again for her, but that wasn't what she had in mind. I pointed out that she could join in and not miss the rest, or she could go to the next class and start it on time, but she was inconsolable. We left after the first hour. Poor kiddo.

I had another idea for jewelry (thanks, Brain!). Now I can't wait to have a chance to work again. I'm a little unsure, because it is resin-centric rather than paper-centric. Part of me still wants to be a fancy Art Jewelry person (gallery scene rather than art fair scene) even though I know that's unrealistic in a number of ways. (A partial enumeration: not enough of the right sort of education, too old, too much peopling involved. And of course Not Actually Necessary in order to try to make good art.). I know that to make stuff that anyone will want to buy, I need to make the jewelry resonate with people's identities. That happens most easily with obvious visual imagery. And yet those are not the ideas my brain brings me. My brain this time is like, "It could be stimmy! Tactile! Sparkly!" I'm not sure, but I'll give it a try. I have another idea for paper-based work too but am stuck at the sheer chunky straightforwardness of those pieces. I want to do something lighter looking.

Ok, I'll tell you the idea: use the inherent drippings of the resin as a feature. Don't contain it with a mold, but dip (like those dipped candles of my childhood, but different because resin and wax are different). Maybe there will be something interesting at the center. But mainly I am thinking about a layer on the exterior: sand. Pigment and earth from some of the geologically interesting parts of the southwest. Glitter. Part sand, part glitter (in well-defined areas, not mixed together, duh). Over the liquid-looking form. It could be interesting. Won't know till I try it.

At least I have gotten Brain to stop thinking about selling handmade journals. Still going to make books to leave at little libraries but haven't had time to work on that, other than making a linocut of a sun that I will use somewhere.

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