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Language Log

Sunday, Oct. 08, 2017 - 7:54 p.m.

Started working on my website today. Maybe I'm jumping the gun in this, I don't even have enough pieces done to fit out the photo gallery. Well, working on that, too.

The sticking point is always the bio. I thought maybe I could write it here, we know I can write here. Let me try it.

I've been making jewelry from paper since 2007 or so when I used it mainly as a form of escapism from my linguistics phD work. Then I realized I could escape to it, period, and left the program to make jewelry from paper full time. There was a bit of a hiatus while I had 3 children, but slowly I began to be able to make time again for creative work: I learned linocut printmaking, cyanotype photography, practiced calligraphy (my first love), hand paper making, bookbinding, and pop-up construction. And finally have turned back to jewelry again.

Why jewelry? Why paper? Why cyanotype?
The funny thing is that I have never really been a big wearer of jewelry. My ears are not pierced. But there's something about these ubiquitous little sculptures that people wear to signify their history, their identity, and their relationships-- something timeless and powerful that keeps me asking questions.

As for why paper, why cyanotype, why local Sonoran flora: I love having a sense of place, and the photograms of local plants embody this place in such a direct way. And then there's that blue *swoon*. Most of all, I love all these things, and I'm constantly trying to shove all the things I love most together into one dense little package that exudes that same love to everyone who sees it.

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