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Language Log

Monday, Oct. 23, 2017 - 8:31 a.m.

Lately Q's obsession has been finding playgrounds in YouTube videos and asking us to find out where they are so we can all go visit. She gets very excited about it and smiles, which is a treat. But she reaaaallly wants to go to one in New Zealand, and was trying to figure out how many weeks of $3 allowance she'd need to save to pay for the whole family to go. She hasn't had to confront the limits of our wealth very often, so that was new. Fortunately she let it go after one evening of trying to devise a scheme.

U had a meltdown the other day because he accidentally cleared all the data from the log in his calculator app. He even did some hand flapping. I know I'm as prone to confirmation bias as anyone else (well, maybe not quite as), but if "hand flapping meltdown over deleting calculator data" doesn't sound like a stereotypical aspie thing, I don't know what does. Even if you recast "meltdown" as "strongly felt grief" which anyone feels when they lose all their work, we're still left with a) he's 5 and b) calculator. I tried to show him ways to back it up for the future, but he wanted THAT data back, and had an idea that because his work was destroyed, he would need to destroy the app, himself, maybe the planet too.

Next week we have to go to NY for bil's second wedding celebration, east coast version. There was some angst over what I should wear, which started when I read a FB post by the Militant Baker, who mentioned that the dress code at her mother's wedding was "wear what makes you happy". That sounded like a splendid idea to me. So I found a dress that filled me with joy. J worried excessively about various aspects of it, and finally asked bil and sil if it bothered them at all, and eventually they confirmed that they didn't give a shit what I wear, so now I am happy and all is right with the world. I'll post a selfie on FB when I get a new bra that's up to the task.

A bit panicked at the rest of what I have to do before we leave.

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