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Language Log

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017 - 1:17 p.m.

Thanksgiving. We realized we can't remember anything about what we did last year, whether we were even here or not. For the record, we're at home this year. Just us and mom. 5 pies: maple pecan, pumpkin, chocolate chess, blackberry, and bourbon pear crumble.

Right now U is having a fit and refusing to come in the house because we took e out of the car when he wanted to keep him in there. E did not want to be in there. U is saying he'll stay out there until we put e back in car. It's been about a half hour now.

Yesterday Q was talking about her birthday. "And I'll get extra alone time because it's my birthday," she said in a wistful voice. And not much later, after a burst of chatting, she said her stomach hurt. "It must be from all the talking".

I have a headache and I need a nap, but my mom just arrived.

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