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Saturday, Mar. 10, 2018 - 8:34 a.m.

So yesterday it seemed like my period arrived. After only 2 weeks. Today it basically seems the same. No pain, just barely detectable cramping that doesn’t register as painful at all. I have an appointment for Monday. Yesterday I was very upset about the whole thing— OH GOD I HAVE A TUMOR I AM GOING TO DIE— but today I’m like, welp, maybe it’s just a period because my hormones are fucked up in some wild combo of perimenopause, stress, sleep deprivation, dietary changes. I mean, I feel like my stress levels have been at this level for a while and they’re not that bad in the grand scheme of things, but what does my reproductive system know about the grand scheme of things?

Nevertheless I hope the doctor can figure it out quickly.

Still losing weight and still happy about it. Not at that breakneck pace— a pound every other day rather than a pound a day. Still gaining strength although I have stopped stretching for a few days since obviously I hurt myself somehow with that. I feel like I am at last in control of my body. My plan is to keep this pattern until I hit 150, then carefully eat a little more each day until I determine what the right amount is to maintain that. Sounds doable, right? I shall be very cross if the doctor tells me to stop.

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