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Language Log

Monday, Apr. 23, 2018 - 3:40 p.m.

Sold a nope shirt and someone is sending me a pack of underpants to nope up too. Have made more $ with printing than from all the jewelry. Sigh. Welp, at least I’m hustling.

Tuesday is Park day
Wednesday is swim and eat lunch out day
Thursday is the last day of co-op, thank god
Friday is a Friday
Saturday I get my tattoo!

It’s the last week of J’s classes
The next week J has his gall bladder out, hopefully uneventfully
A couple weeks of recovery
Then we go to TN
Then I go to FL
Then J goes to NJ or somewhere like that for a wedding
Then we go home
Then we get ready to go to Vancouver
Then we go to Vancouver in early July
Then we come back in early August
Then what.
Then what.
Then classes start.
Then what.
I need something else to look forward to.

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