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Language Log

Thursday, Apr. 26, 2018 - 10:29 p.m.

Last class day was wretched. Had to bring e along, and he has developed a real knack for really only wanting to do the one thing he isn’t supposed to do. 1. Climb in landscaping. 2. Fiddle with the tube coming out of the wall. 3. Make me pick him up. 4. Run in the sanctuary. 5. Climb on the chairs and bibles. 6. Not go to playground. 7. Pound on piano we aren’t supposed to touch. So it was basically 3 straight hours of me redirecting and restraining. Then we got home and the boys wouldn’t leave me alone to recover. Just exhausted. Brain all jacked out of shape and nothing has helped with that. I need a night’s sleep and a fresh start. Must not go on FB and say weird things.

It feels like my brain is crumpled into a little anxious ball.

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