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Language Log

Monday, May. 14, 2018 - 7:56 a.m.

I have tentatively decided to offer to take on “arts” in TST-AZ. First I have to meet with the chapter head to hear what this entails and what the scope of the duties is. Are? I have a few ideas but I don’t know. I have not contributed as much art as I would like and my own art is not well suited to their aesthetic, but maybe I could manage the arts end of things for them in a good way. I can’t shake the feeling that it could be more awesome than it is. I don’t know where there is to go with it, but I’m intrigued I guess.

I also suppose it’s a sign of hopefulness that I’d even consider taking it on. Last year it was unimaginable. So, I remind myself, things are getting better.

We poke fun at my mid-life crises of tattoos and memes, but mid-life crisis also has me in better physical shape than I have been in years, I’m practicing calligraphy again, and my mood is improved. So, bring in the mid-life crises, I guess. I don’t want a sports car, though. What else is there to choose from? I’m not going back to college either. Llama farming?

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