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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 15, 2018 - 3:02 p.m.

Meeting (it was a telephone call) went ok. Basically I can do whatever awesome thing I can think of, art-wise. They’ll let me know if there’s something they’d like, and if I have an idea I can bring it to them. They hoped I could organize the next art auction fundraiser but I said I can only do the parts that are email only.

We’re the most active chapter and the chapter all the others look to for inspiration and leadership. She thinks so, anyway. The point being: come up with ideas and kick ass. Which is exactly my preferred approach, whaddaya know.

She specifically asked if I could do a version of the invocation so copies can be made and handed out as a keepsake at the fundraiser event for the lawsuit. Yes!

Then I realized I am basically realizing my dream of being the scribe for TST. All I need is the skill to make myself proud. Practice, practice, practice. I need daily disciplined practice, not weekly. Maybe if I make my morning workout time more efficient instead of spending a huge chunk of it sitting on the floor dicking around on FB, I could make quicker progress.

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