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Tuesday, May. 22, 2018 - 6:44 a.m.

After hanging out at like 172-173 for a week, another abrupt weight drop has me at 169 today (nice). Apparently eating roasted broccoli with almonds and tahini for lunch is what does the trick. That’s 30 lbs off for the year, and I have achieved my goal of being back in my size 10s. They’re a little tight, but wearably tight. I would like to get safely into the 160s before I declare my soft goal met. Also enough that when I gain 5 lbs in Memphis, I will still fit the clothes I had packed. But I am feeling pretty good about all this.

I have never been very vain, but I must face that I enjoy being this weight. I feel more confident. Maybe it was only myself preventing me from feeling confident at other weights, but it was persistent. Anyway, not gonna think about that too hard. Just going to enjoy my sense of accomplishment and fierceness.

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